Tomato Sauce 720ml

The Tomato Sauce of the Olanda Family is part of the Tufarelle line, a line of typical products linked to the Apulian tradition.

Tufarelle tomato puree, sweet and wrinkled, is obtained exclusively from tomatoes grown and harvested in Puglia, the same ones that give the puree a strong and full-bodied taste. Tufarelle puree is an excellent, simple, and tasty condiment for any type of pasta. What distinguishes it, undoubtedly, is its true character, the result of meticulous, careful, and patient cultivation.

Tomato puree is indispensable for the table it cannot be missing in the pantry. Its perfect combination is with pasta, both for the preparation of a quick dish and for the realization of traditional Apulian dishes. But it can also be used as a condiment for recipes based on meat, fish, and vegetables: parmigiana, cod and stewed meats, meatballs with sauce, pizzaiola steaks. It is also perfect as an ingredient in baked goods such as calzoni, pizzas, and panzerotti.

Tufarelle tomato puree is produced and grown in Puglia and is available in a 720ml bottle.




The Tomato Sauce of the Olanda Family is part of the Tufarelle line, a line of typical Apulian products, linked to the territory and its millenary tradition. And the tomato puree, inside it, preserves all the warmth of Puglia that is made fruit through the unique taste of tomatoes, harvested in the sunny days of August.

Olanda family has always been involved in the work of the homonymous dairy, handed down from father to son to enhance the territory through the creation of typical products. The family business is immersed in the landscapes of the Alta Murgia, on the slopes of Castel del Monte. It is here that the family has put down the roots of the company that still today passes on the artisan knowledge of dairy products. Today the new generation of the family has broadened its horizons, deciding to also produce wine, extra virgin olive oil, and tomato sauce. The Apulian territory is rich and generous, a reason that prompted the Olanda family to enhance it through their tireless work. A philosophy, that of passing on the art of typical products of Andria which today allows the production of Olanda family to cross-regional and national borders thanks to the excellence of its products.

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